(Montecristo-ball Salad)


1  large head of Iceberg lettuce
1  small Schipperke
*2  color enhancers

Remove lettuce from bag.
Open and place outer plastic wrap on living room floor.
Begin by gently rolling lettuce back into kitchen, 
shred, toss, roll, tear, shred and
toss again.

See picture below







*Toys are optional but will enhance color

Bon Appetit !!


(in case you're wondering why I look funny and the wall looks rounded in this photo, I was sitting in front of the stove and it has a black glass front.  Mom tried to change the picture by taking out the stove....  I'm also quite embarrassed over this entire incident.  Mom ALWAYs let me take my new toys out of the bag. How was I supposed to know that wasn't the neatest ball she ever bought me! )


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