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but you can call me
" Monty "

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that's me..., I finished with 

at the
 2004 Wine Country Circuit.

My Friend/Handler, Melody, showed me to perfection! 


It was a fantastic best bud 


Champion Logaven at the Edge of Khaos
 also finished his Championship with a 5 point major
 at Wine Country!

Mom, Dad, Aunt Deb (Noah's Mom), and Shirley (our breeder) 
were so proud of us!

Now...I've got to share a secret with you.  
Mom thought I'd 
never make  it in the breed ring.
She thinks I have an attitude!


I'm not going to bite, grrr  it's just my way of communicating.   

Did you know your not supposed to grumble at Breed Judges? 
 How come they squeak toys, but never give them to you?
  How come when you're all set up and looking your very best, 
 they stare and you and make un-human like sounds? 
Why is that?


   Oh.....did I mention I TALKED  grrrr to the Judge
 at my first point show. 
  I didn't get a ribbon,
  even though I was the only one in my class.
  I was supposed to get my first show picture that day, 
but mom
 forgot to ask the judge.
(that's the story and I'm sticken to it!)

So.........shortly after I didn't get a ribbon
 at the point show,  we watched an agility trial.
It was late in the fall about two years ago.

Mom was glued to the ring and I could see
  her wheels turning.  
 Those dogs were having so much fun.
  She thought if we did agility, I wouldn't have a thing to
 complain about.

 It was almost winter,
  and Dad fenced in a 30 x 30  area in our yard.


Mom made a few jumps
  and painted a few boards to get us started.

Mom and I worked on equipment all winter.
   We cut the pipe for jumps in
  what used to be the sewing room,
 but we put them together in the living room!
  I have a pretty cool Dad,
 he didn't mind looking thru jumps to watch football. 
 I still did my normal job of keeping him happy, 
 sitting in his lap during most of the game.  

A few months later we heard there was an agility class starting in our area.
 Mom and Aunt Deb made a few calls and....
 My bud Noah and I were enrolled in an eight week class.


 Well, Noah and I were awesome!!!

 We were the best two in the class! 

On the fourth week, Patricia, (my teacher) 
told Mom it was time to start working 
"off leash". 


   "Ah, ah" , I remember her saying, " this is a Schipperke, 
 it's not an Aussie or Sheltie".
   Then Patricia got that SAME look on HER face! 
 I was lovin it,
 cuz I knew Mom wasn't going
 to win this argument  and she was about to...
 CUT....  ME...  LOOSE...!!!... 

Mom spent the next four weeks of class chasing me
 around the room.... 
 I wanted to be with Noah,
 and I'd jump anything to get to him. 
Aunt Deb spent the next four weeks chasing Noah.
  He didn't care about me,
 he just wanted to pee in the corners. 
 We had so much fun, I didn't want class to end.  

In the spring, we couldn't fit all the agility stuff
 in the 30 x 30 so Dad put up some more fencing.
(to get the stuff off the porch)

After all the equipment was out there mom realized.....

 Now we have to actually do agility.

She was dragging my butt out there two and three times a day.  
  I would stay with her for two or three obstacles.... on a good day. 

  Do you know how much BUTT-TUCKEN-ZOOMIE time you can get before
 someone catches you in a 100 x 100 area?.  

Slowly we were getting our act together. 

We had some of my classmates come over to practice in our new agility yard.

 I don't know what mom was aiming at in this picture, 
but that's Rick down there on the right. 
Rick and his wife Cindy own the "Sheltie Girls".

They're all cute but... 
that Montana....

she's a BABE!
  That summer the local kennel club was hosting an agility match and I 
 was going to be entered.
     Mom went and checked the area out and was a wreck since the ring would be a single strand of rope inside a huge fenced area and not as secure as she would have liked it.... 
  About a week before the match
 she did something that I thought would never happen.
  She got a big piece of liver and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk.  Well duh, you don't have to ask me twice...
  Dad was going too! Mom opened the door but this time 


  I stayed pretty close to them because 
  I didn't want to blow my new freedom. 
 They took me for a few more walks like that one before the match.  

Finally the BIG DAY arrived.
  Some of our family members were there to watch me make
 my agility Debut.
  What an exciting moment!
  Mom and I stepped up to the start line and the
 timer said we could go.
  Mom unhooked my leash and I went. 

Dad ran through the ring and jumped over the ropes chasing after me,
 I could hear him calling my name but hey, 
I'm a Schipperke!! 
 It didn't take long before he grabbed me,  grrrrr 
and yelled at me in front of everyone. 

I was grumbling back...
 "Do the words 
Hunter of Vermin 
*curious* *confident* *independent* 
mean  NOTHING?? !  "

HE was MAD!!


He handed me back to Mom and she
 asked the judge if we could try again. She said yes,
 but it wasn't going to count. 

 Yep, you guessed it...once again I would be going home without a ribbon. 

 So...we got back on the start line and this time I stayed with mom.  
I didn't want Dad to embarrass me again! 
 Mom made a few mistakes,


Next up was Noah, 
Aunt Deb was more nervous than Mom cause
 Noah had never had that much freedom either.
   They got to he start line and the timer said, "go".
  Aunt Deb unhooked the leash......   Noah did three obstacles,
 ran across the pause table and
  was making a *pee-line*  to the nearest corner. 
 Once again, Dad was jumping ropes and chasing another little black dog....
 There was Dad... Deb... Mom...strangers.... everyone was chasing my bud Noah.  He was so fast, he was awesome!
Finally Dad grabbed him and it scared him so bad he started to squeal.   His squealing scared Dad so bad that he dropped him and Noah was off and running again but this time his Mom (Deb) caught him.  I'm 100% sure that Noah didn't want the  P izza Dude  (dads nick name) to yell at him too.

  I think Noah got at least two pee's in before he was finally caught. 
After everyone had a turn we ran it again. 
 That was the day agility finally made sense to me...


Yep, I was going to like Agility!
  (one way or another)

Oh, you want to know how dad got his nick name?

(Hey, could you read a little slower,
 we're stalling for time so the pictures will load at the bottom)
  We make pizza if we know Aunt Deb and Noah are coming. 
Dad gives us his pepperoni (along with some of the cheese)
 and we DON'T have to do any tricks to get it!

Deb and Mom might give us a tiny piece if we do 101 tricks.
 So, we just go stare at 
The Pizza Dude.

I was entered in a real agility trial that fall.
  Aunt Deb brought Noah so we could play..........
  (plus the fact Mom was worried I'd take off in the ring, 
but if Noah was there, I'd run to him.)
  She also had her friends posted all around the ring.  


I stayed with her the entire time....
scored 100 and we were way under course time.

Yep, I finally got one.

 Here's a few more photos that were taken at trials.


So, you're probably wondering if I still grumble....

Well, of course I do....

I get mad  when i do the weave poles PERFECTLY,
 but Mom makes me go back and do them over again. 
 if I missed the first pole, or the last pole....
I did the darn weave poles   grrr and now
 she is making  me do them again....grrrr
 just give me the liver!...

Then we practice lead-offs... 
 I don't care if she leaves me and gets three jumps out,
 but then I have to do it over and over and over again
  just because SHE 
can't make up her mind  which way I should go.....

I touched the yellow contact,  why am I doing this again?  

I want my kisses  NOW! 
Get down here and play tug ... NOW! grrr
just throw the darn ball 
I've been on this pause table for 7.5  seconds grrrr!  
I already did this jump twice,  from both directions 
 I want my liver now! grrrr
Just give me the darn cookie!

Sorry for getting a little carried away...

I just get so excited,

 I can't control myself, I'm a Schipperke you know. 


If you ever see me at a show and you see Mom smiling,
 it's cuz
 I JUST TOLD HER to.....  ...... um..
  how nice she looked today.... 

She says we might not always be winners, 
but I always win her heart.





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